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General Information

Document descriptionSourceDate added
"Show Me" Communications Tool Presentation DPH7/21/2014
A Guide to Operating Public Shelters in a Radiation Emergency (Feb 2015) National Center for Environmental Health3/23/2015
Activation Deployment Demobilization Plan Template - June 2019 DPH6/25/2019
After action report for the MRC call-down drill completed on August 26, 2016 DPH11/22/2016
After action report for the MRC call-down drill completed on October 17, 2016 DPH11/21/2016
Assistive Technologies in Emergencies DPH7/21/2014
BP1 Grants Management Manual 2019-2020 MDPH10/10/2019
BP1 MRC Deliverables (July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020) DPH6/5/2019
BP1X MRC Deliverables (July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019) DPH OPEM8/31/2018
BP1X MRC Workplan Template (April 2018) DPH OPEM8/31/2018
BP1X Request to Attend Training DPH OPEM5/1/2019
BP1X Request to Host Training DPH OPEM5/1/2019
Building Resiliency: Emergency Preparedness and Vulnerable Populations (Presentation) Brookline EP Buddies6/25/2019
Conference Archive: Being Prepared for the Unexpected: Building Resilient Communities (2016) Massachusetts Medical Society7/22/2016
Description of MassAHEC HOSA MassAHEC HOSA7/21/2014
DPH Process for Review of Applications for Federal Recognition of Massachusetts MRC Units (February 2011) DPH6/24/2015
Exercise Notification Form (Updated 2016) DPH OPEM8/28/2018
Funding Allocation Guidance for MRC Units Across MA (April 2017) MRC Steering Committee8/29/2018
Guide for MRC Unit Leaders in Massachusetts (Updated Nov. 2018) MDPH OPEM11/7/2018
Here are the slides from the Public Health Emergency Law Training that was presented by the CDC. CDC7/17/2015
MassAHEC HOSA Chapters PPT MassAHEC HOSA7/21/2014
May 18, 2016 Event Flyer: Preparing for the Unexpected Program Massachusetts Medical Society3/11/2016
MRC Capabilities (infographic) NAACHO11/20/2015
MRC Capacity Gap Analysis Report (Final) - March 2019 RVA4/2/2019
MRC Capacity Gap Analysis Results - Presentation - November 2018 RVA4/2/2019
MRC Core Competencies - Disaster Medicine and Public Health: Learning Paths DCVMRC8/17/2015
MRC Core Competencies - Disaster Medicine and Public Health: MRC Framework DCVMRC8/17/2015
MRC Guide to Cable Access Partnerships (2019) MRC Steering Committee6/3/2019
MRC Guide to Using Social Media to Engage and Recruit Volunteers (2019) MRC Steering Committee6/3/2019
MRC Snapshot (infographic) NAACHO11/20/2015
NACCHO`s MRC 2019 Deployment Readiness Guide NACCHO9/23/2019
OPEM - Bureau of Environmental Health Emergency Preparedness Portal MA DPH12/11/2017
PHEP Capabilities - Updated January 2019 CDC5/16/2019
Planned Event or Large-Scale Exercise Notification Form DPH OPEM8/29/2018
Process for Volunteer Requests during a Cross-Jurisdictional Event DPH4/2/2019
Quarterly Report Template for Units DPH1/23/2015
Resource Guide: Youth Involvement in the Medical Reserve Corps (June 2009) OCVMRC7/21/2014
SMART Shelter Manual SMART6/20/2019
SMART: How to Start a DART SMART6/20/2019
Sustainability Survey Results (1/5/16) DPH1/6/2016
The Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) MA DPH12/11/2017
Volunteer Deployment Roster (June 2019) DPH6/5/2019
Volunteer Request Form DPH4/2/2019
Volunteer Satisfaction Survey Template - May 2019 MRC Steering Committee5/9/2019


Document descriptionSourceDate added
Behavioral Health Tips for Responders US Department of Health and Human Services - ASPR12/3/2015
Disaster Behavioral Health US Department of Health and Human Services - ASPR12/3/2015
Just-in-Time Training for Flu Clinics Region 1 MRC Advisory Group7/21/2014
Post-Deployment Guide for Emergency and Disaster Response Workers US Department of Health and Human Services12/3/2015
Psychological First Aid - MRC Field Operations Guide National Child Traumatic Stress Network12/3/2015
Psychological Resilience Training Brochure Boston Medical Center7/21/2014
Workplan Development DPH1/6/2016

Event Materials

MA Responds

Document descriptionSourceDate added
2018 - 2019 MA Responds Training Calendar DPH8/22/2018
Appendix C change form DPH 8/24/2018
Autumn Charge VII Webinar DPH2/1/2017
CORI Acknowledgement Form DPH1/30/2019
Description of how vaccines work. CDC7/30/2015
Exporting a CSV File From a Sent Message DPH6/6/2018
Frequently Asked Questions MA Responds2/17/2015
Guidance for Using Notification Features of the MA Responds Program (2018-2019) MA Responds6/17/2019
Help Videos MA Responds 2/18/2015
IMX Messages - Quick Reference Guide Massachusetts Medical Society12/11/2017
IMX Messages Mobile App Massachusetts Medical Society12/11/2017
Learning Exercise 1 MA Reponds 2/18/2015
Learning Exercise 2 MA Responds2/18/2015
Learning Exercise 3 MA Responds2/18/2015
Learning Exercise 5 MA Responds2/18/2015
Learning Exercise 6 for MA Responds MA Responds5/22/2015
Learning Lesson 7 MA Responds 5/22/2015
List of MA Responds Participating Units MA Responds2/11/2019
List of Social Media Resources MA Responds1/5/2018
MA Responds Brochure DHP7/22/2014
MA Responds CORI Policy DPH6/4/2018
MA Responds Marketing Materials Order Form 2018-PMC MA Responds2/11/2019
MA Responds Orientation Curriculum MA Responds2/26/2019
MA Responds Resource Reminders DPH5/11/2018
MA Responds Text/SMS Instructions 2018-2019 MA Responds6/17/2019
Mission Manager step by step guide MA Responds2/18/2015
Part 1 Mission Manager Training MA Responds2/18/2015
Quick Reference Guide - Messaging DPH3/21/2017
Quick Reference Guide - Organizations and Status Change DPH3/21/2017
Quick Reference Guide Administration MA Responds2/18/2015
Quick Reference Guide for the IMX Messages app DPH4/21/2017
Statewide Communications Drill Webinar (March 2015) DPH3/11/2015
This document provides clarification for changes that will occur in MA Responds due to changes in browser compatibility. MA Responds12/22/2015
This is the current SORI/VSOS policy. MDPH5/22/2015
Webinar: Create and Manage Volunteer Groups in MA Responds DPH12/8/2017
Webinar: How to use Mission Manager in 15 minutes DPH2/1/2017
Webinar: MA Responds Registration Steps DPH1/6/2016
Webinar: Sent Message Statistics DPH 9/15/2017


Document descriptionSourceDate added
After Action Template for MRC Call Down Drills DPH4/3/2017
Overview of the New Activity Reporting Module DCVMRC7/15/2014

Introduction to Sheltering course

Document descriptionSourceDate added
Intro to Sheltering Certificate DPH7/21/2014

Functional Needs and Shelter Support

Document descriptionSourceDate added
Activating Shelters and FNSS Considerations New England Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Initiative7/29/2014
Addressing the Needs New England Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Initiative7/29/2014
Americans with Disabilities Act: Compliance on Behalf of People with Access and Functional Needs Massachusetts Office on Disability7/29/2014
Client Assessment Methodologies New England Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Initiative7/29/2014
Compliant Shelter Operations New England Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Initiative7/29/2014
Effective Population-based Engagement New England Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Initiative7/29/2014
Mass Care and Shelter Coordination Plan: Local Shelter Toolkit MEMA7/29/2014
Massachusetts Statewide Mass Care and Shelter Coordination Plan MEMA7/29/2014
Transportation Decision Making New England Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Initiative7/29/2014

Unit Leader Toolbox

Document descriptionSourceDate added
Facts for National Sleep Awareness Week Sleep Foundation2/17/2015
Food Safe manual World Health Organization2/17/2015
Food Safety poster World Health Organization2/17/2015
Heart disease in the family tree means it`s time to turn over a new leaf American Heart Association1/22/2015
Hepatitis Fact Sheet CDC6/26/2015
Introduction to Emergency Dispensing Sites Video developed by UMVMRC. DPH12/26/2018
MRC Capacity Gap Results (May 14, 2018) RVA5/15/2018
National Wear Red Day Flyer American Heart Association1/22/2015
National Wear Red Day Poster American Heart Association1/22/2015
Nutrition Guide Academy of Nutrition 2/17/2015
Poster to help celebrate Men`s health month in June  5/22/2015
This is an adult vaccine schedule. CDC7/30/2015
This is an infographic on Hepatitis CDC6/26/2015
This link provides information and a link to the 2015 FEMA Individual and Community Preparedness Application. FEMA3/12/2015

Mini-grants (2016)

Document descriptionSourceDate added
After Action Report - Furnace Brook Middle School Emergency Shelter Training and Facility Setup Exercise Duxbury Bay Area MRC9/23/2016
Final Report - "Enhancing Community Resilience" Nonotuck MRC9/23/2016
Final Report - "Let`s Make a Plan" Franklin County MRC9/23/2016
Final Report - COGS in the Wheel: Strengthening Partnerships and Systemizing MRC Specialized Response Teams Berkshire MRC9/23/2016
Final Report - CPR/AED Certification Hilltown MRC9/23/2016
Final Report - ICS-400 Mass Task Force9/23/2016
Final Report - Member Recruitment and Retention Upper Merrimack Valley MRC9/23/2016
Final Report - Photo ID Badges Greater River Valley MRC9/23/2016
Final Report - Promotional/Marketing Campaign Norfolk County 7 MRC9/23/2016
Final Report - Shelter Activation Drill Bristol-Norfolk MRC9/23/2016
Final Report - Sheltering Drill Greater Fall River MRC 9/23/2016
Final Report - Sheltering Drill Greater New Bedford9/23/2016
Final Report - Sheltering Station Go Kits North Shore Cape Ann MRC9/23/2016
Final Report - Sheltering/Volunteer Equipment Burlington Volunteer MRC9/23/2016
Final Report - Unit Supplies NEMRC9/23/2016
Final Report - Whole Community Resilience Program Brookline MRC9/23/2016